Tri-City Electric Co. receives the Greg Woodworth Award of Excellence

Tri-City Electric Company is a proud member of a group insurance captive, the Specialty Trades Insurance Company (STIC). The typical STIC captive member performs at a significantly higher safety level than their competitors. As such, member safety performance goals are deliberately set at a higher level than national average statistics for like operations. Captive members adhere to the principle of constant improvement. Captive safety award program and performance goals are established by the members and are reviewed annually and updated, as needed, to further encourage continuing safety program development and improvement.

The purpose of the Safety Achievement Awards Program is to provide recognition for a member of the Specialty Trades Insurance Company who has a good safety record and has managed to achieve all of the captive safety award program goals.

STIC captive member safety performance is measured twice annually. The safety award program performance measures at the end of each insurance period are assigned Safety Achievement Award points. The six performance measures have a value of 1,000 safety award program performance points. The performance measures include incident statistics and rates, job site and EHS program audits, loss ratios, meeting attendance, and STIC captive participation. Point totals are used to determine award recipients and are presented at the STIC meeting.

The Award of Merit is presented to those that accomplish all six captive goals.

The Greg Woodworth Award of Excellence is presented to those that not only accomplish all six captive goals but also achieve 800 points or more.

Tri-City Electric Company is proud to have received the Greg Woodworth Award of Excellence for the 2019-2020 insurance period with a total score of 903.02 points.

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