Cedar Falls Utilities

Cedar Falls Utilities
The CFU electric generation plant was forced to shut down in June 2008 when the Cedar River started pouring into the plant, filling the 20-foot-deep basement until finally cresting 2 feet above CFU's sandbagged flood wall.
When the waters receded three days later, CFU employees witnessed the devastation left behind.
As an electrical contractor experienced with disaster recovery, and with proficiency in power testing, design, engineering and integration, Tri-City Electric Co. was able to step in and help CFU assess, restore and replace damaged equipment.
Within 12 hours of receiving the call, a Tri-City Electric Co. team of electrical engineers and switchgear specialists arrived onsite to assess the damage and develop a technical action plan for recovery.

A Tri-City Electric Co. team of nine engineers and six technical switchgear personnel were mobilized to implement the recovery plan developed to repair and replace the damaged components.The team documented and assessed the damage, recommended a course of action using the Tri-City Electric Co. design and procurement processes, and then implemented a course of action.

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