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There's nothing like data and photography to help empower your decision making process. Tri-City Drone Services - a division of Tri-City Electric Co. - is a commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and data solutions company that will help you solve your business challenges.

Quad City Drone Shot

Whether it's aerial surveying a new construction plot, creating 3D mapping to capture the current state of a building or using thermal imagery to determine inefficiencies, you can be confident in Tri-City Drone Services to deliver the aerial data and imagery you need.

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Take confidence to a whole new level with Tri-City on your side. For more information, please contact us.

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Commercial and residential real estate

  • More effectively market and sell property
  • Market your business


  • Aerial land surveying
  • Volume metrics
  • Construction progress
  • Site overview (planning)
  • Pre-construction
  • Post-construction
  • Architectural inspection
  • Supply management
  • 3D modeling/mapping (including large data management)


  • Facility damage inspection
  • Early detection

Industrial Utilities

  • Site evaluations
  • Infrastructure inspections
  • Security evaluation/planning
  • 3D modeling/mapping (including large data management)
  • Infrared scanning (Early detection and inspections)

Professional photography & cinematography

  • Special events
  • Marketing materials

Orthomosaic Mapping

  • Orthomosaic maps are a grouping of many overlapping images of a defined area which are processed to create a new, larger "orthomosaic": a highly detailed, up-to-date map that is in true scale.
  • Click here for an example of an orthomosaic map.

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