Surety Hotel

Des Moines, Iowa


Electrical Construction
Structured Cabling


Hospitality & Entertainment

The renovated Surety Hotel, located at 206 Sixth Ave., has 138 rooms, a 200-person ballroom, meeting spaces and a private outdoor courtyard. The Mulberry Street Tavern, a restaurant and bar, is located on the first floor. The 12-story building is a revival of an “architectural gem” built in 1913 for The Iowa Loan & Trust Company. The Surety Hotel was named after a type of financial transaction from the original business — a surety bond. The 106-year-old building was once Iowa’s tallest skyscraper. It’s had several names, including the Hippee Building, the Southern Surety Building and the Savings and Loan Building. Most recently has been known as the Midland Building for nearly four decades. The Surety Hotel rooms are about 300 sq.ft. each and about 10% of the rooms are suites. Tri-City Electric Co. worked closely with the owners and the construction team to provide the entire service entrance including two (2) new main services and a generator back up for life safety purposes, electrical panels for the hotel rooms, ballroom, lobby, common spaces as well as the restaurant/kitchen areas, power and distribution throughout the building including new elevators, network lighting control system and fire alarm with smoke evacuation system.