AWH Greenhouse with Headhouse Support Building

Barry, Illinois


Cultivation Services
Electrical Construction
Structured Cabling


Cultivation & Industrial

Ascend Wellness Holding (AWH) constructed a new 113,409 sq. ft. ground-up facility of which 91,200 sq. ft. was a greenhouse and 22,209 sq. ft. was the headhouse support building for cultivation. The project included electrical service and distribution, transfer switch and generator, general use lighting and controls. Installation and wiring for the Owner furnished grow lighting and controls, installation of devices, HAF, VLCO and under bench circulation fans, wiring to all the HVAC/Mechanical equipment and Fertigation equipment.  We also provided coordination and installation of the owner provided ARGUS control system.  Our team provided security rough-ins and low voltage cabling rough-ins for owner supplied security and tele/data systems. Tri-City Electric Co. worked closely with the owners and the construction team to provide a project schedule defining the design, procurement, and construction of the project, along with a detailed execution plan.