The Hobbs Building

Aurora, Illinois


Tri-City Ironworks


Commercial & Retail

The Hobbs Building is a historic 4-story building built in 1892. The Tri-City Ironworks team had countless meetings and worked closely with the general contractor, engineers, fabricators, and the City of Aurora for a successful installation of the “Onion Dome”. The dome sits on top of the corner window bay of the Hobbs Building and is a trademark of the Aurora skyline. The construction team rebuilt the dome out of fiberglass to replicate the original, which was made from wood. The 4th-floor roof and the underside of the 2nd-floor flooring required structural steel which our team installed to support the new onion dome. The previous condition of the building was no longer able to support the original, which is why it was removed years ago. Members of the community missed the iconic dome and watched in awe while the new “onion dome” was being installed and looking great!